My name is Kyle Haas and I’m a twenty-something computer tech support guru who has been supporting homes and small businesses in the Louisville area for over 10 years.

Before I could even read, I was launching DOS games and installing applications in Windows 95. I started building PCs in middle school and was diagnosing/repairing school computers during after school hours before I was even in high school. By the time I was in high school, I was already being paid to advise, diagnose, and repair PCs of family members, close friends, and teachers.

At Saint X, I was a leader of the German Club, Dance Dance Revolution Club, Computer Club, and Computer-Gaming Club. By the time I started at Bellarmine, I was already being paid to build high-quality gaming and office PCs for friends, families, homes, and small businesses. At Bellarmine, I pursued my love of science and biology, was president of the university Emergency Response Team, and spent four years serving the Louisville community as an EMT. Although I decided not to pursue medical school, I am determined to use my talents as a computer doctor in the Louisville area; I also have a minor in German Language, and my seven years of German study and experiences in my time abroad will contribute to any of my future ventures.

After graduating from Bellarmine with my Biology degree, I spent about two years working at Algood Food Company in Southern Louisville. There, I worked long shifts as a QA Lab Scientist. My job was to regularly test product and verify that it was always meeting specific requirements for taste, color, texture, salinity, and aflatoxin-content. It was also my job to point out and document anything that would have been inconsistent with our standard operating procedures. I spent extra time going above and beyond my job duties by developing new procedures and improving older procedures.

After completing front-end development in Code Lousiville back in 2015, I am now able to code simple websites with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery. I also currently manage the hosting of this site–I know how to use cPanel and WordPress.

From November 2015 to November of 2017, I was working with BeckPC, a two-man small business in Louisville providing big IT support to companies all over Louisville. John, the owner, and I were traveling all over the city and providing support to customers large and small. Our largest customers were probably Metro United Way, or St. Matthews City Hall and Police Department. Working with John gave me critical experience with personally taking care of small-business clients, and helped me grow into a much better IT specialist.

In June of 2017, I finally took a step forward and signed up for an IT-certification program at Sullivan University in Louisville. The extra education and certifications will hopefully prove useful; I know I’m looking forward to any future opportunities they may bring!

In November of 2017, I accepted a job offer from Mirazon in Louisville, as a member of their Managed Services Team. Mirazon provides support and consulting for companies all over, and I’m very proud and excited to be a part of their team.

I am absolutely a master of computer hardware. I have personally assembled or overseen the assembly of over 100 PCs, and I have many regular customers that refuse to trust anyone else. I have a strong mastery of all Windows OS versions, I have experience with Linux, and I am highly-skilled with all mobile OSs. I can handle everything, including fixing that complex issue that may only happen to YOU. I am also moderately skilled with photoshop, and I have access to a high-resolution scanner which I can use to help you go digital with your old family photos; your scanned photos can be restored to their former glory and kept perfect permanently. I am open to working family reunions–my scan configuration can help your family to share high-resolution photos with each other, both on physical media and online clouds!

Recently, due to the Ransomware chaos, I’ve been helping a lot of customers migrate from Windows XP or Vista to newer systems. By creating a virtual machine of your PC, you can keep all of your old programs and data, and safely continue to use them on a modern PC! This is a great option for small businesses or home users that are running a legacy OS with irreplaceable programs and data.

Diagnosis is always free, advice is always free, and if I cannot fix your problem, there is no charge.