Photo Scanning and Restoration Services

If you are seeking someone to help you go digital with your precious family photos,  I’m here to help you out.

A coworker came to me several months ago and asked me if I would give advice on how to scan old photographs and make digital copies. Naturally, I started explaining how most people go about the process–and then it occurred to me that I could save her time and money, and simply handle most of the work myself. If you bring photos to me, I can scan them with my high-resolution scanner, enhance the lighting, color, and contrast of the image to make it look better than ever, and supply you with print-ready digital copies that will last forever. All you need to do is bring the digital media to your local print shop and order prints of your favorite images. I am also available to work family events like reunions–I can bring my scanner, computer, flash drives, and CDs–so that everyone can bring their family photos, share with one another, and go home with a bigger collection than they ever had before.


Before/After Photo Restoration
Left image is RAW image after scan, right image is post-enhancement!
Full-Size Enhanced Sample
Full-Size Enhanced Sample, click for full-resolution!

The example shown directly above is representing my scanning of an original image with dimensions of approximately 4 inches by 6 inches. Although my RAW scanned image looks better than the original copy, which is significantly more faded and blurry–my enhanced version really brings out the finer details of the image and allows for greatly improved image quality. The difference in contrast emphasizes small details–such as the pocket-watch chain, which was hardly visible in the RAW scan, and impossible to see in the original photo. Often, my enhanced images bring out features that were simply invisible before.



Photo-Scanning and Restoration: 20$/hour, 5$/10 mi for pickup

Scan & Share Station for Family Event: 30$/hour, 5$/10 mi distance

Backup Media: 10$ flashdrives, 5$ CDs

Cloud-Sharing via Google Drive is free for all clients


Interested in creating enhanced digital copies of your photos?Contact me! Even the tiniest photos can be brought into amazing detail, and digital copies can be easily shared with your loved ones!