Custom PCs & Gaming Rigs

I’ve been building custom PCs for all purposes for several years. Although most of my custom PCs are used for gaming–I do build affordable, powerful, and long-lasting home and office PCs.

Because each PC is custom-tailored to your needs, and all parts are carefully inspected for quality and price, you will always receive a PC that exactly fits your needs and your budget.

I cannot list exact prices, because I base my prices on the market value of specific parts. Simply find a price-range that works for you, and I will find the best PC in that range.


If you are a gamer, you probably know how expensive Alienware and other name-brand gaming PCs can be. When I build a computer, you are buying straight from the component market–I am the only middle-man. That means that I handle all the hard parts–I custom tailor the PC to your exact needs and budget, and guarantee that it will play the games you want. I even handle all of the warranty and return issues that come about in the future.

Contact me if you want the best PC you’ll ever own, and you’ll save money, too.