Tech Education and Lessons

Are you or a family member interested in learning about how your computer works?


If you are already interested in buying a custom-built PC, you may be interested in learning about the PC as I build it. For 15$/hour additional to the cost of building the PC, we will slow down the assembly process and I will personally teach you about every single component. You’ll learn all the different parts of a computer, how they cooperate, and why each is important. I will also discuss troubleshooting tips, and how to identify when a component is failing. While Windows is installing and updating, I can help you prepare files from another PC, or show you demos of what you can do with your new computer. This is a perfect way to get kids of all ages interested in computers; why merely give the gift of a computer when you can give the gift of knowledge as well! Because all of my PCs are built with the future in mind, the students will have the knowledge they need to choose future upgrades and maintain their new computer!

I am willing to sit down with you and your tech, and together I’ll do my best to answer your questions and be patient with you as you learn about what you can do with your technology.